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My little pink Ribbon has faded a bit. Just some ramblings about dealing with stage 4 breast cancer

Saturday, September 17, 2005


I want to thank those who have shared their comments, have not learned the "correct" way to do that. I plan to try to put up some links in the near future, as soon as I figure out how to do that.

The pain is getting back to a bearable level again. That is one lesson I wish would stick!! It did remind me to try to share some of what I have learned. In this case, methods for dealing with pain when drugs don't work (or we stop working the drugs).

  1. I sleep, sometimes a lot
  2. distraction, find something to absorb your attention. A movie or book always work for me.
  3. Play with my puppy. I have the sweetest little Yorkie named Buster. When I am down he either just cuddles up until I feel better or brings me his favorite toy and said, "here, this always cheers me up"
  4. Do something for someone else. I try to volunteer in the community. My oncologist for some reason nixed the idea of my working at the shelter for the Katrina evacuees, something about chemo and risk of infection. I do try to help out at my local Wellness Community. (A place I would recommend to anyone dealing with cancer).
  5. Have a faith, and hopefully a community to share that with.
  6. Know my limits. That means somedays I go back to using a cane, sometimes I have to find a place to sit, and sometimes I have to say "no".
  7. Count my blessings. With all that is going on with things like hurricanes and tsunamis, and hearing of others loosing this fight with cancer, I realize that I really don't have it so bad.

Not sure if those help anyone else, but I know that I need to remind myself of them sometimes.

Peace and blessings,



At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 5:54 PM, Blogger Jeannette said...

Hi Lisa. I'm so glad you are sharing your story and all that you have learned during this time with breast cancer. As a community of women living with or who have survived breast cancer, it is so important that we support one another and share what we have learned. Your attitude is great and is a wonderful example for others. Life is all about living and it is so importnat to focus on the LIVING part of living with cancer and not just the cancer. I'll keep you in my prayers and check back in on you. Hugs to you!

At 3:51 PM, Blogger Sunnyside said...

Cancer and all that comes with it in the treatments etc. is most certainly an ever changing and long learning process. You are doing great!


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