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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Adventures in Babysitting

It has been way too long since I posted. First I had problems with my server, then we spent a three day weekend babysitting a friend's kids. Between the kids active schedule and Dj's trouble sleeping with cats in the house, I slept most of yesterday recovering.
They have 4 kids, (five actually, but he oldest moved out.) The ones we were with were 10, 13, 15, and 16. They really are basically good kids. They mostly just needed someone to be accountable to. There were still problems with that. I must look stupid or gullible, the things thought they could get away with. Then again I think they did get away with some things... Like does it take 3 hours to mow the neighbors postage stamp yard?(the 13 yr old). Did you think I wouldn't check to see what time that youth group meeting really got out at? (the 16 yr old sneaking over to visit his girlfriend). I guess the biggest moment was when the 10 year old claimed no one ever told her not to put foil in the microwave. Not only did she do it, but walked away as it arced and the foil, paper plate, and wings ignited. Boy was that kid scared to show me what happened.
I am so tired from trying to second guess them all the time. Are all kids this age like this? No wonder I am not a parent. We thought about foster/adoption programs, now I am giving it second thoughts.

I am waiting for a call from the doc's office that my referral for physical therapy has gone through. I really want to try it as a way to help manage my pain. The podiatrist says the new pain in my foot and ankle has nothing to do with the bone spur. (This is my right side, my usual pain is left hip and sciatica all the way down from the tumor on my sacrum) She says it is the tumor on my L5 and I should do pilates. While I know pilates could be good for me, I think physical therapy should come first. Hopefully they can help me with "is it helpful to me or not to use the cane or not?", (GP say yes, podiatrist says no).

Hope everyone is well. I plan to post links to other blogs as soon as I figure out how. Look for future post about pink ribbons, aging parents and The Wellness Community. I need to go get a little food on my belly so I can take my Xeloda. Then it's probally a nap .Peace and blessings,


At 9:13 PM, Blogger Sunnyside said...

Hi Lisa,

Yes, I think all kids, regardless of age, seem to feel the need to "test the boundaries" and you were certainly well tested! You must be exhausted! To go from 0 to 4...WOW! That takes courage!

But on the other side....kids are also great! When I was younger, before children, I used to say I didn't want children. Then in my 30's, I had two and I wouldn't change that for anything! They have been a fantastic addition to my life and I never looked back after having them (no matter how much they tested the boundaries). The hard part was when their father and I divorced and I became a single Mom, but they still were the priority in my life and my joy!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. It is nice to find another real person that knows what can happen when lifes paths take their weird little turns and also understands what it is like to have tight/rough money situations.

Hope you get the referral. I can certainly understand your wanting to try what ever you can to reduce the pain.



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